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New Verm-X Films

Learn more about the benefits of Herbs and Herbal Treatments for animals from expert opinions, experiences and research in the films below. All films are between 60 and 120 seconds in length.

SQP talks about some benefits of using Verm-X.

Agility Champion tells us why he uses Verm-X.

Sheep Farmer, Mike Mouland, urges dog owners to worm their dogs.

Dr Nick Thompson explains the benefits of herbal treatments for animals and discusses some important issues surrounding the use of herbal alternatives vs pharmaceutical drugs.

Dr Sarah Beynon explaining how dung beetles & herbs benefit animal health & the environment.

Diane Gilby of company 'Intelligent Worming' explains the process of parasite control programs using worm counts and the problems of the developing resistance to pharmaceutical treatments.

International Endurance Rider Rachael Claridge sharing her experience and reasons for using Verm-X.

A time-lapse example of dung beetles at work.