Verm-X are absolutely delighted to announce the launch of our new Organic Dog Food Topper range. The inspiration for the range came entirely through our wonderful customers and we are very grateful for the support and feedback we have received through the development and testing process.

Our new range currently addresses four key areas of canine health, covering:

We worked with leading holistic vet and raw dog food specialist Dr Nick Thompson MRCVS as well as other canine nutritionists and medical herbalists to develop these formulations and are so excited that they are now available on our website and in-store.

As part of our commitment to be kinder for animals and kinder to the environment, every ingredient in our new topper range has been organically grown and sustainably sourced. Our new Organic Dog Food Toppers have been certified by the Organic Food Federation and every grower we work with complies with Soil Association protocols, ensuring that your dog is only receiving the very best natural support.

Our organic toppers are the perfect accompaniment to a raw food diet, the herbal blend will mix easily into a raw meal. Alternatively, why not try adding it to bone broth once cooled, or mixing it into a kefir paw before freezing?

You can also mix your chosen topper into wet food, or, add a tablespoon of water and turn it into a paste to be added to dry food.

Verm-X Organic Dog Food Topper: Senior Blend

Including key ingredients like Ashwagandha, Willow Bark and Turmeric, our new Senior Blend has been designed to support your dogs circulation, liver, kidneys and joint health, naturally. This palatable herbal blend offers powerful natural support for dogs over 7 years old, targeting their heart health, mitigating the impact of arthritis and improving cognitive function.

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Verm-X Organic Dog Food Topper: Active & Working Blend

The Active & Working Blend has been developed to accelerate your dog's recovery after a busy day. Whether you've been picking up or adventuring, the carefully chosen ingredients in our organic blend will act as powerful natural restoratives. This formulation will work inside your dog to neutralise any free-radicals that have built up through the course of their day, whilst supporting their energy levels, promoting good liver function, reducing inflammation around any impact wounds and assisting their immune system.

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Verm-X Organic Dog Food Topper: Calming Blend

A calming blend of organic herbs, spices and botanicals to soothe anxious dogs. Containing soothing stalwarts Chamomile, Valerian and Passion Flower, this special blend has been formulated from high quality, organic nervines. This means that it naturally relaxes your dog's nervous system without sedating their muscles. You can use this topper daily in the case of dogs with extreme anxiety or as required, in the case of situational anxiety (for example, in the run up to Diwali or Bonfire Night).

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Verm-X Organic Dog Food Topper: Joint Support Blend

One of the questions that we are most often asked by our customers is ‘How can I support my dog’s joints, naturally?’ We’ve analysed hundreds of herbs, spices and botanicals and put together our Joint Support Blend, a formulation of completely natural ingredients tailored to prevent joint degradation and support bone health. Using Turmeric, Chia Seeds and Gingko, this organic topper offers essential protection for dogs with joint vulnerabilities.

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If you'd like to find out any more about this exciting new range, you can call our office on 01985 629125, email us at or contact us on Instagram or Facebook.

March 31, 2023 — Clementina Davies