Owning a pet is one of life’s greatest pleasures and for many of us, our pets are family, offering unconditional love and companionship.

For the simple gift of care and affection, animals give us so much in return and spending time with them has been shown to help lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and even the risk of heart attacks.

With the current cost of living crisis the price of caring for our companions is being more strongly felt and many are sadly struggling to pay for food, toys, supplies and medications.

We’ve put together a few tips for saving your pennies whilst keeping your pets safe and happy.

Save money on your pet’s food

You don’t need to lavish your animals with fine dining, there are loads of ways to feed them healthy, inexpensive meals that they'll love.

Buy in bulk if you can

Buying in bulk is a great idea, provided you have the space to store their food safely. Figure out how much your pet eats and check expiry dates to make sure nothing is wasted.

You could ask fellow dog owners in your neighbourhood to get together in order to take advantage of even better wholesale prices.

Consider calling the companies you buy your food from to ask how much you could save or for repeat purchase discount codes.

Subscribe and save

Many companies offer a subscription service that you can sign up for offering regular customers substantial savings, including us. 

You can choose your preferred delivery frequency to receive an automatic 15% discount when you buy, plus all subsequent repeat purchases under your subscription.

How to save money on dog food

Measure food carefully

Different breeds have different caloric needs and thankfully there's a handy calculator to help you figure out what your dog requires.

Many vets recommend only feeding your dogs one meal a day, with research showing they are less likely to be diagnosed with age-related conditions than dogs fed more often.

DIY dinners

If you’re trying to reduce your pet food bill, making meals from scratch for your pet is one of the most cost-effective options. 

Pre-made pet food is so convenient, but you can often save money with a little bit of planning ahead.

Visit your butcher

Consider asking your local butchers for any inexpensive scraps you can buy or bones you could use.

Raw feeding is a great option if you have the freezer space to accommodate it and many raw feeders follow the 80/10/100 rule - 80% muscle meat, 10% bone and 10% offal.

Remember that anything you get from the butchers needs to be frozen for three weeks before serving to your dog. For more advice on raw feeding, please watch our latest video below.

Make your own treats

We have a selection of recipes for healthy and inexpensive treats for dogs, rabbits and chickens.

Grow your own herbs

We are big believers in the power of herbs, so growing your own collection is a great way to reap their benefits whilst still saving you money. 

Adding herbs to your pet's meals also helps support good gut bacteria.

Save money on vet trips

The average UK cost for an out-of-hours emergency vet appointment is £200 according to a recent Many Pets survey.

This doesn't include the cost of treatment and the fees aren't regulated, so the cost of treatments for your pet will depend on the vet you've chosen and where you live.

Even with pet insurance, you could still be out of pocket, so it's best to prevent unnecessary visits by taking good care of your pet at home.

Take care of their gut 

Did you know that gastrointestinal issues are behind 10% of the UK's canine population's trips to the vet? We’ve all heard that prevention is better than cure – keeping your pet in the best possible health can keep you from an expensive trip to the vet.

It’s much less expensive to stay on top of your pet’s digestive health than to treat for issues that may develop.

Consider a natural alternative

Monthly prescriptions from the vet for parasites are often unnecessary unless your animal has an issue. Whilst an effective treatment, why give your dog a monthly wormer if they don’t have worms?

Our Verm-X Liquid for Dogs is a great alternative and incredibly cost-effective.

Keep their teeth clean

Good oral hygiene is just as important for pets as it is for humans.

Plaque can build up in their arteries leading to serious conditions including kidney, liver and heart muscle damage, which can cost owners a fortune in the long run.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options to take care of their teeth and gums:

  • Toothpaste for dogs (available in flavours like poultry, malt, beef and seafood)
  • Plaque Off powder to add to their feed
  • Dental chews or dried meat treats
  • Raw bones are also excellent for cleaning teeth, but they won't help with existing tartar beneath the gum line

Save on vet bills

If you do need to see a professional but are struggling financially, Animal Trust are a not-for-profit, so you just pay the cost for treatments and any medication you need.

Veterinary consultations are free for everyone - no matter how many times you need to visit. 

If your pet isn't insured then ask your vet if you can arrange a payment plan. Most vets only want the best for your animals and will do everything they can to help.

Money saving tips for pet owners

Do it yourself

If you're willing to learn a few tips, caring for your pet yourself is a great way to save your pennies.


Due to breed and maintenance requirements, about 60% of dogs in the UK require some form of grooming every 4-6 weeks.

Research shows the average cost of dog grooming in the UK is £43, but prices range from £20 to £90 or even more. Cat groomers can charge between £30 to £90, depending on several factors.

This easily adds up and learning to groom your dog or cat yourself is a simple solution, with thousands of videos available to show you the ropes.

Learn to mend or repurpose old toys

We love to spoil our pets, but purchasing new playthings every time you pop to the pet store can be costly.

Repairing or repurposing damaged toys can be a real money saver if you've got the time. 

By using a little creativity, you can turn that old stuffed chew toy into a brand new form of enrichment.


What's you best money saving tip? If you’ve got some clever ideas to share, we’d love to hear from you on Facebook or Instagram.

December 06, 2022 — Clementina Davies