Dee Dee is an energetic and adventurous Collie-Spaniel Cross. We eventually settled on this mix, as a family member has a Sprollie and we liked the traits of both breeds. They would suit our active lifestyle. Turns out Dee Dee is nothing like the family dog in terms of looks! She is small and lean at around 16kg but she is ball obsessed (think that’s the collie in her!).


She has an active lifestyle which often involves long hikes and muddy puddles.  Ensuring that Dee Dee is fit and healthy to support our lifestyle is very important to us.


We have been feeding a raw diet since Dee Dee was a year old. After a lot of research, I decided that I wanted to feed her a healthy diet that I felt a dog would naturally eat, and she has just thrived.


Her coat is always so shiny and soft and she has a lovely athletic physique. She gets so excited by her food that I decided to do a dedicated weekly Foodie Friday Instagram post showcasing her adorable face and the food that we were feeding to hopefully inspire others about the benefits of her diet.


Around the same time as I changed Dee Dee’s diet, I started considering the products we treat our pets with and the impact they can have on health and the environment.


I decided that if I can use natural products to support Dee Dee’s health then I would! One of my first additions to her health regime was Verm-X Crunchies to make sure that her gut has the nutrients it needs to help itself.


We have been using Verm-X Crunchies for well over a year now, feeding them every day.   


She absolutely loves them, and I know that the herbs and ingredients are working to support her healthy gut.  


We also use the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar as an all-round health support - it's handy for cleaning too! Verm-X is now definitely part of our everyday routine. 


I find something so inspiring about using natural products for health and seeing Dee Dee thriving thanks to them is a lovely feeling.

September 20, 2023 — Clementina Davies