What do our customers say?

We love to hear what people think of Verm-X. After all, it’s made a big difference to the health and lives of animals. Here are a few of our customer stories.

Completely natural

"I first used Verm-X not only because it is completely natural but because it is easy to use and my horses enjoy it. I have not looked for anything else."Mrs Dibble, Somerset.

Responding Well

"Wilbur, a two year old captive bred Peregrine Falcon, came to us with a feather loss problem. We started him on Verm-X for raptors and thankfully there’s no further feather loss. He had been a top class hunting bird, so we are hoping he will eventually return to full strength and once again take to the skies!" 

Stuart and Valerie Wilkinson

A picture of health

"Shadow was hand reared from 6 weeks old. He was a tiny triplet; so fragile, precious and incredibly special from day one, which was why I felt the desire to find a safe, gentle and chemical-free product to provide him with the very best internal protection he needs."

Free from

"I really don't like using chemicals. Verm-X has given me the ability to reduce the amount of chemicals I use drastically and this is important"

Mrs Bruce. A Verm-X customer for over 10 years.

Seth's recommendation

"Verm-X Dog Crunchies are yummy! I have 2 every morning. My person has been giving them to me for nearly 5 years now and my results have shown Verm-X is effective."


Scrumptious Treats

Not only is Verm-X good for the gut and digestive system, my Dashchunds regard their 2 per day as scrumptious treats!