I run Bury Green Poultry based in Hertfordshire and having tried and tested many feeds over the years, I can safely say that the BGP birds thrive most from consuming Verm-X.

The health and wellbeing of my flock is of the utmost importance to me, having happy hens makes me happy and makes chicken keeping a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

I believe that prevention is better than cure and this is why I love feeding my flock Verm-X; the products are made with 100% natural active ingredients and consist of a large variety of herbs which aid intestinal hygiene and boost the immune system, thus preventing illness and internal parasites.

Additionally, my flock’s plumage gleams and my hens’ eggs are full of flavour, it’s clear that they’re getting the healthiest, most wholesome sustenance

September 22, 2023 — Verm-X