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Verm-X FAQ's

How does Verm-X work? 
Verm-X works to create an environment in the gut and digestive system that is able to eradicate and expel intestinal challenges. Unlike some pharmaceutical products that act with a purging effect, Verm-X is very gentle. With the regular feeding of Verm-X this environment will stay maintained throughout the year giving your horse constant protection. It is difficult to stop your animal from picking up challenges; the key is stopping them from settling and doing any damage.

Do herbal formulations work?
Verm-X consists of herbs that have been used for centuries as a natural way to control intestinal challenges. Prior to the 1930s there were no petroleum-based man-made products. There were just herbs. Verm-X has made available formulations that have stood the test of time for being effective remedies for a far longer period of time than modern man-made products. Verm-X is therefore ideal for those wishing to find a natural way to address an important area of animal husbandry.

Is Verm-X just a preventative? 
No, Verm-X is a powerful product and the environment Verm-X builds in the gut is not only able to remove any current challenges but also acts as a preventative.

Why can I not find any copies of your product trials on your website?
Frustratingly, we are unable to share any research or test results with you under current legislation. Verm-X is classed as a complementary feeding stuff for animals and it is not a registered pharmaceutical medicine as it is 100% herbal, for this reason we are unable to use certain information or phrases to promote Verm-X as a medicine.
Verm-X has been on the UK market for 15 years - during that time the success of the products has led the company to grow significantly every year, including this year. This growth is result driven.

Where is Verm-X made?
Verm-X is a British company, based in Somerset and all our products are produced in the UK. The facilities where Verm-X is made are non-GM and FEMAS and ISO 9001:2008 registered.

I keep my animals on an organic holding, can I use Verm-X? 
Yes, Verm-X is the only product of its type registered with the Organic Farmers and Growers certification program.

What happens if my animal eats more than the recommended amount?
There have been situations where client's dogs have eaten a whole packet of Verm-X Dog Crunchies and some dogs have even eaten a whole 750g pot of Verm-X Pellets for Poultry! In these types of scenarios the animals are fine as the products are herbal and safe but should accidents like these occur, ensure your animals have plenty of fresh water to drink and also don't be surprised if your animal has diarrhea for a short time.

Chemical products may contain powerful drugs and may also have devastating effects on animals and children if administered and stored incorrectly. Does Verm-X carry the same dangers?
No! Because Verm-X is 100% natural and herbal it does not carry the same dangerous effects that chemical products carry if given incorrectly.
Verm-X is safe to be handled by children when feeding their pets (always follow instruction on each pack.) However we do not advise the careless use or storage of any products.

Does Verm-X have any detrimental effect on dung beetles?
Did you know that the dung from 12 cows would cover an acre of pasture in one year if it were not for dung beetles? When we use some chemical products on our animals to remove intestinal challenges, these products can be highly toxic to non-target insects found in dung. Artificial chemicals are slowly killing off this valuable community. Thus we see dung form hard crusts and remain on the surface, without these invertebrates to break it down. This, along with problems of resistances and the fact that organic farmers are unable to use chemical products has lead to increased research on alternatives.
Sarah Beynon BA has been studying the effect of chemical products on dung beetles as part of Oxford University Ecology Research Group. The results have been really exciting and show Verm-X should not have any of the detrimental effects on dung beetles that many of the chemical based products carry.

My animal is pregnant; can I still use Verm-X on her? Also, is it safe to use whilst she is feeding her young?
Yes, Verm-X is completely safe to use throughout pregnancy and also when the mother is feeding her young.

I have just bought my animal and do not know its history. What would you recommend?
Verm-X recommends that regular faecal egg counts are carried out as part of any good animal husbandry. The results of such a test should indicate what steps to take.
Can I use Verm-X alongside a conventional routine? 
Yes. Verm-X is designed to be used on its own all year round, it can also be used as part of a conventional program. There are no ingredients in Verm-X that would inhibit the effect of any ingredients used in pharmaceutical products.
Can resistances be built up against herbal formulations such as Verm-X? 
The active ingredients in Verm-X are all herbal and natural. Herbs have been used for centuries and there are no reported cases of resistance.

Can I try Verm-X before I buy?
Of course, we have sample packs available of our range of products. Email us on or call us on 0870 850 2313 and let us know what you require.

There is no secret recipe with Verm-X, we do not claim to be doing anything new, we are simply harnessing the power of herbs ensuring effective blends are created and packing them up for you so they are easy to use.