Verm-X for Poultry, Ducks and Fowl

Award-winning natural poultry care to support your birds’ overall health and well-being. Perfect for family-friendly backyard poultry keeping.

Best for: Intestinal hygiene

Verm-X® Original

Supports the good bacteria in the microbiome. Verm-X® Original promotes excellent gut health, creating a hostile environment for unwanted intestinal burdens.

Our pelleted formula is OF&G approved for use on organic holdings and is safe to be fed directly from hands.

Great gut health for poultry, ducks & fowl

Effective alternative to routine pharmaceuticals

100% natural means it is safe to eat the eggs

Best for: Rescue & recovering hens

Verm-X® Keep Well

Perfect for newly rescued hens, and hens recovering from illness. Natural herbs and botanicals help support respiratory health and promote a strong immune system.

With added calcium and seaweed meal, to naturally support gorgeous yolks, strong eggshells, beaks and healthy feathers.

Ideal for rescue & recovering hens

Rebuilds the immune system

Natural source of calcium

Best for: Aid during & after moult

Verm-X® Poultry Zest

Feed from early Autumn to support your chickens through their annual moult, naturally.

Containing a unique blend of Aniseed, Turmeric, Ginger Root and Fenugreek to help boost appetite and discourage lice, along with added protein and calcium to promote feather regrowth, egg laying and overall poultry well-being during moult.

Aids recovery after moulting

Increased protein intake

100% natural herbs

Best for: Intestinal hygeine

Verm-X® Original Liquid

Our liquid formula provides the same effective gut care as Verm-X® Original Pellets, but is fed by adding to your birds’ drinking water rather than their feed.

Best for: Premium Intestinal Care

Verm-X® Daily Plus

Made from 100% natural active ingredients, Verm-X® Daily Plus for Poultry has been developed using the Verm-X® Original formula plus two additional complementary herbs: Astragalus and Dandelion.

These additional herbs will support liver and kidney health as well as the chickens' immune system.

Premium intestinal hygiene

Supports the immune system

Contains Vitamins A, B, C, E and K

Best for: Overall well-being

Verm-X® Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Pure organic apple cider vinegar with The Mother, naturally gut-friendly and full of goodness. Verm-X® Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is raw, unfiltered, and made by one of the few organically certified apple cider vinegar producers in the UK.

Apple cider vinegar is used by many to help control coccidiosis in poultry. It may also help with gut health including the digestion and absorption of food and vital nutrients.