We are so thrilled to announce that Lady, Ginger & River from The Spaniel Diaries have joined the Verm-X team as official Ambassadors!

Sophie created The Spaniel Diaries account on Instagram to share stories of her Spaniels training to be working Gundogs and Adventure dogs.

She grew up with the breed - her dad ran his own walked up and rough shooting business - and their first was a wonderful three-year-old Liver and White Springer Spaniel called Jessie.

Sophie was kind enough to give us a little more information about her dogs and their unique personalities:

Tri-Colour Working Cocker Lady

Lady is a nearly three-year old Tri-Colour Working Cocker Spaniel and the first member of the Tighanrobb Gundogs pack.

"I’m so proud of my first own little Gundog. Lady has absolutely excelled, whilst she’s not a robot and has had some moments of cheekiness, she’s been such a reliable girl. She’s turned her hand to everything, from beating on a commercial driven shoot, walked up and shot over, picked up and even a peg dog."

"To say she is sassy is an understatement… not sure where she gets it from! She absolutely loves her cuddles and is a real sweetheart. She loves nothing more than being as close to your face as possible and, once 9pm hits she wants to be snuggled up to you snoozing away.

"Food is her favourite thing in the world which makes training a lot easier. It’s been such a pleasure watching her grow and become a beautiful dog. We couldn’t love her enough."

Red Working Cocker Ginger 

Two and a half-year-old Red Cocker Spaniel Ginger joined the family in 2021. 

"Ginger prefers a toy for her rewards, food isn’t quite as exciting but if she gets to hunt and retrieve, she’ll do absolutely anything.

"She’s an absolute nutter, but we wouldn’t change her for the world. My relationship & bond with her has grown so so much, she’s the sweetest and craziest girl."

Working Springer Spaniel River

The baby and most recent addition to the Girl Pack, River has just turned one:

"River is actually quite a timid girl around new people and dogs; she’s not aggressive, nor does she act out, but rather wants to make friends at her own pace and backs away if someone approaches her too quickly.

"She’s been coming to pretty much every single working day and has had time to have fun at any breaks that I’ve been able to get her out at and its honestly been such a great way to build her exposure to people and dogs, because most people and dogs don’t bother with her.

"It’s been wonderful to see her start to relax a bit more, enjoy herself and become confident. River is going to be the dog I am hoping to venture into the Trialling world with."


Sophie's goal with the girls is that they all have the most fulfilling lives and we are so excited to have them endorse out products:

"We’ve used Verm-X Flea & Tick Powder for over a year now and I honestly wish we’d found it sooner! The powder helps to naturally repel fleas & ticks, you just pop it into your dogs food once a day. I also love the Crunchies for gut health and the Organic Active & Working Dog Food Topper for keeping those joints healthy."

A huge thank you to The Spaniel Diaries for sharing their story and for the fabulous photos as well. You can follow their adventures on Instagram.

March 05, 2024 — Verm-X