Ru and Flo are family pets and working organic farm dogs who live in the English countryside. They both love the outdoors, whether it’s playing in the bracken, swimming in local rivers, or frolicking in bluebell woods.

Natural prevention is hugely important to them in regards to respect for the environment and we've been honoured to have them as part of the Verm-X family for over a year now. 

Working Golden Retriever Flo 

Flo - KC name Elkshead Skye of Heatherbound - is a two-year old working Golden Retriever and she has a wonderful temperament for a gundog. Retrievers were originally bred to retrieve shot upland game birds and waterfowl, and the breed is friendly, calm and compatible with both people and other dogs.

Flo is a high achiever who had her first competition season last summer, where she came second in her puppy test and first place in novice at Kennet Valley NDNH working test. 

She has had a great start to the 2022 working test season, winning out of an Any Variety Novice Working test against 44 dogs by April, and being part of the winning team South Western Golden Retriever Club, who came 1st at the Golden Retriever 2022 Interclub event. Flo also scooped the award for top novice dog as well as the trophy for top overall dog, with a score of 98/100.

According to Lanes, their owner, "Flo is my one in a million dog. First and foremost, she's a beautiful-hearted companion, and one who puts her soul into her work. 

"She has been an absolute pleasure to train and is an incredibly fast learner, I love every minute with her. She's so versatile, so up for learning anything and so much fun to work with, they’ll make you laugh everyday and they’ll work their socks off for you with hearts of gold." 

Working Cocker Spaniel Ru

Flo's big brother is Ru, who's a four-year-old working Cocker Spaniel. Cockers are the third most popular breed in the UK and are a great all-rounder as both a working gundog and a family dog. The breed's name comes from its original function, as they were initially used to hunt woodcock.

Working Cockers generally have shorter coats, and they are leaner and sturdier than their show-dog counterparts.

Ru and Flo’s owner Lanes is an organic farmer, so natural pet care is really important to her:

“I really do not believe in polluting the environment, but working in harmony with it, and I feel both dogs are healthier for it. Ru and Flo are both pedigree breeds, so genetics aren't always on their side when it comes to health.

“As environment plays such a big part and role in their health, it’s paramount they are not bombarded with chemicals in their daily life.”


Get to know them better and check out their gorgeous photos by following their Instagram page.

July 22, 2022 — Clementina Davies