At Verm-X we are committed to taking a natural approach to animal health. Using natural ingredients and nothing else. Gut vitality without the chemicals. A kinder choice for animals and a kinder choice for the planet.

Because we care about what goes into each unique blend, we’ve redesigned our packaging. So, now it’s even easier to see the benefits and ethical credentials at the heart of each product. 

Thank you for continuing to use Verm-X, your support means a lot to us. And, if you're new to what we do, we'd love to share with you some of the natural benefits of using Verm-X.

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Why did the packaging change?

The team at Verm-X have been producing award-winning nutritional supplements for animals since 2002. And with every year we’ve grown to meet the needs of people wanting natural choices for their pets and animals.

Verm-X Original remains our most popular range, a naturally effective aid to gut vitality, but now there’s also Itch Eeze for dogs and Poultry Zest and Keep Well for a happy and healthy flock.

Our new designs are colour-coded to make each range easier to pick out at first glance. All with easy to follow feeding guidelines, as well as the goodness listed and the many different ways you can get in touch with our experts.

Which Verm-X products will get the new look?

Because we don’t have any favourites, it’s a new-look packaging across the entire range. That’s Verm-X Original for; Dogs, Cats, Equine, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Hamsters, Poultry, Ducks and Fowl, Cows and Pigs, Sheep and Goats, for Garden Birds, for Caged Birds, for Raptors, for Racing Pigeons, for Game Birds, for Alpacas and Llamas and for Reptiles.

Has the product changed?

The look and feel of the brand may have changed, but our unique, 100% natural products remain exactly the same.

Why have I seen a mix of old and new packaging?

We are fulfilling product orders as needed, so you may see both old and new packaging on the shelves. Don’t worry, it’s exactly the same mix of award-winning nutritional supplements inside.


Interested to learn more?

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December 02, 2019 — Developer AUK