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About Verm-X


Verm-X is a 100% natural formulation that helps maintain all areas of intestinal hygiene whilst being gentle on your animal's gut and digestive system. Verm-X was launched in the UK in 2002, today Verm-X can be found in 20 countries. Our concern for the volume of chemicals in use in the day-to-day management of animals brought us to create our extensive range in consultation with some of the most respected medical herbalists in the world. We now have successful Verm-X formulations for the growing demand from equine enthusiasts, pet owners, smallholders and zoos, those dedicated people, like you, who choose to find time to take on the responsibility for raising valuable and productive pets and livestock, many of whom become special friends. The team at Verm-X constantly strive to improve all areas on all areas of our business, making sure that you, our customers and your animals, are consistently happy with Verm-X. Our principle focus right now is to encourage the use of more natural products in pet care and animal husbandry. We believe this is a crucial part of improving animal welfare and tackling the rapidly growing issue of resistance to pharmaceutical wormers and antibiotics. For years, little action has been taken to reduce resistance problems which have been caused by the routine (and often unnecessary) use of many pharmaceutical drugs on animals. However, they now pose a significant threat to human and animal health. We hope you will support us in raising awareness of these important issues.



With concerns growing about the downsides to using some pharmaceuticals Verm-X give their top twelve reasons for using a completely natural preparation...

1.Making Resistance a Thing of the Past
The herbs used in Verm-X have been used in herbal medicine for centuries and, as yet, there are still no reported cases of resistance. Knowing a product will be just as effective every time you use it provides a confidence you can no longer get with man-made chemicals.

2. Gently Does It
Verm-X works over a more natural timescale rather than an immediate purge that means it does not blast everything out of the system at once but over a period of 21 days in which it becomes fully effective. This natural timescale allows Verm-X to be much gentler on the animals gut and digestive system.

3. Complete Control
Verm-X is designed to be used as your sole control product and has been proved to be fully effective in doing so. This does not mean that you cannot alternate its use with conventional products though as this is completely safe to do and is a great way to reduce your artificial chemical usage.

4. Mums the Word
Verm-X is safe to use on animals that are pregnant, ideal for senior pets and for those animals in competition.

5. Healthy Pets = Happy You
The herbs used in Verm-X are primarily picked for their effective control properties but also offer other fantastic and important health benefits. The Verm-X blend offers many benefits to gut health and contains blood-cleansing properties.

6. A Tasty Treat
The Verm-X liquid and powder blends allow Verm-X to be mixed easily into feed and drinking water. With the introduction of the pelleted form of Verm-X for some species, the blend has never been easier to feed. The daily treats for dogs and cats are two of our most popular forms.

7. No Better Reassurance
For equines Verm-X offer different pack sizes which come with free Westgate Laboratory faecal egg counts kits. These packs offer new users a wonderful way of seeing the results of Verm-X on their own horses and there is no better proof than that!

8. Protection All Round
Verm-X has formulations available for a wide variety of animals in easy to feed and effective blends. Verm-X blends are available for horses, cows, poultry, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, sheep, goats, pigs, ducks, game and caged birds, llamas and alpacas, reptiles, wild birds, wild boar, red deer, antelope and oryx.

9. It’s a Keeper
All Verm-X products are packed fresh on site and so leave with a minimum of a 2 year shelf life. (Storage conditions apply). This means that not only does the product last a useful amount of time but also users are able to take advantage of some of the larger pack sizes that offer great value for money.

10. A Formulation You Can Trust
Verm-X is not just a preventative but is much more powerful. The environment Verm-X builds in the gut is not only able to remove any current challenges but also acts as a preventative giving safe and effective peace of mind.

11. Organic Approval
The Verm-X Small Holder Range has gained approval by Organic Farmers and Growers Ltd.

12. Easy Purchasing
Your Local retailer will not ask you for any personal details when you purchase Verm-X from them as you may experience when buying pharmaceutical preparations.


“My first step was to contact the National Institute of Medical Herbalists in London who informed me that prior to pharmaceuticals being available herbs were the standard practice used in animal husbandry. I started by working with the then Chairman of the Institute to find suitable herbal recipes for effective herbal worm treatments which we branded under the name of Verm-X. Since that time, 14 years on, we at Verm-X have focused on growing the range of formulations and forms to cover a wide range of different species."

“In a nutshell we have developed formulations with herbs that have been used for 1000s of years and that have stood the test of time. We have made these recipes easily available by putting them into easy to use retail packs, such as our pellets and liquid Verm-X products for poultry."

“Prior to having Verm-X my family used pharmaceutical preparations for all our animals; horses, dogs and cats, with complete success. We now choose to use the herbal approach which we have done with equal success since we have had Verm-X. We are not a company that expects to take over the world; we have simply made natural formulations easily available to provide any animal owner a choice. That choice is whether to use a pharmaceutical or a herbal and organic approach to their husbandry routines."

“We are often asked why we do not make our research papers available or why we do not label Verm-X as a wormer. Verm-X is not a registered pharmaceutical product. In the EU there are strict guidelines, governed in the UK by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, that restrict the use of words and information, such as our research and studies, that may portray a product as a registered medicine if it is not. We at Verm-X have worked closely with the VMD since our launch to ensure we comply with these regulations.”

Philip Ghazala, owner and Managing Director of Verm-X, explains how the leading natural intestinal hygiene control product was developed...

A Natural Alternative is Born

“I started Verm-X in the year 2000 having spent the previous 12 years involved with feed supplements for performance horses. During those 12 years I became aware of the increasing negative publicity surrounding the use of some regular pharmaceutical treatments such as antibiotics and worming, particularly in the area of resistance. I decided to research how the worming of animals has evolved and I discovered that prior to the 1930s there were little or no petrochemical pharmaceutical products available which made me wonder what was actually being used prior to that time."

Philip Ghazala - Founder of Verm-X